Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Coach Is Named

The Orange smoke has been seen coming from the Coliseum. Garth Snow has made his decision. The Islanders have given the coaching reigns to current AHL Coach of the Year Scott Gordon. A Masssachusetts native that has compiled a fantastic record in Providence, will be the coach of our Isles. With the decision, comes the cheers or jeers from fellow Isles fans. Is Gordon the right choice? Is Gordon Snow's yes man? Is he capable of coaching at the NHL level?
The questions will not be answered till the season gets fully underway. In the meantime, lets look at the pros & cons of this hiring:

AHL Coach of the Year
221-141-20-27 Coaching record
Familiar with the Isles young players he has coached against.
Looks like he can work well with Young players.
A MASS native and former Goalie (good for Ricky)
High Goals For, Low Goals against

No NHL coaching experience

So, in my opinion, the Pros definately outweigh the cons. I believe this is a great choice and shows that Snow is committed to his plan. I think Scott Gordon has more of a chance of becoming a successful Laviolette than a tarnished Stirling.

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