Thursday, September 4, 2008


September has begun and we are only a few short weeks away from training camp. While most fans will be looking to see if the players trained well in the off-season or what Gordo's line combinations will be, I will be looking elsewhere. All my attention will be on the players, it will be focused, not on their skating, passing, and shooting, but on their gear. The Nike Bauer skates, Warrior sticks, Easton gloves and Reebok helmets the players adorn are my main concern. My first impression of any player is based on the tools he is using. They say "You can tell alot about a person just by looking at their shoes." Same can be said about a player and their gear.

If you need an example, look no further than our own Brendan Witt.

Ever notice the gloves and stick he uses. He's been known as a Warrior for quite a while. No coincidence, that's his brand of choice.

So when training camp begins and pictures start trickling in, I'll be back with an update on the gear and my impressions of what to expect from the players.

As a little gift to all the gearheads out there. There've been pictures floating around the net of some new Warrior sticks. Don't be surprised to see several players on the Isles using these sticks.

Warrior Dolomite Spyne

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