Thursday, July 24, 2008

10 Reasons to be excited about the '08-09 campaign

What could I possibly look forward to next season. We have no scoring, the Power Play was horrible, we fired Ted Nolan, and we're fielding the Varsity SoundTigers as an NHL team. The season's over and training camp hasn't even started yet.
While some of this may be true, we still have a lot to look forward to.
So go get yourself a glass of Orange Kool-aid and see what I mean.

10. Career Years -
The OrganIzation is going with youth and we are bound to see stat's for guys like K.O., Comeau, and Bergy jump. But someone like Mike Comrie, one year deal, will be looking for a contract, either to stay or go and should put up his best #'s to date.

9. New Isles 3rd Jersey - While no info has been released about the design of the jersey, there's been rumblings that it will be a vintage style royal blue jersey. It should be a nice change from the Orange sleeved jerseys they wear now.

8. Seat Availability - I think it's safe to say that there will be an abundance of available seats this upcoming year. With the exception of the 3 Rags games, there should be no problem getting into the Coliseum to see a game.

Western Conference games - The NHL has reverted, somewhat, to the old scheduling and we will be able to see every team play the Isles this year. As a hockey fan, it's always nice to see the Flames, Oilers, Ducks, etc. play.

6. Isles Defense - While the Offense leaves a lot to be desired, the Isles D-men are arguably one of the most solid groups in the league. Although there is no Dion Phaneuf in the bunch, we do have skating ability in Martinek, toughness in Witt & Sutton, scoring and passing in Streit, all around potential in Campoli, steadiness in Gervais & Meyer, and a tiny bit of depth in Hillen. Let's just hope they stay healthy.

5. More Goals
- That's right, there is absolutely no way in hell we score fewer goals than last years horrible tally of 189. No way.

4. New Coach - While the new coach hasn't been named yet, we will be looking at someone that, more likely than not, will be here for a while. Someone that knows how to handle both the young players and the Vets is key. This next coach will be instrumental in the development and future of this franchise.

3. Make or break seasons - Several Isles are getting an opportunity this year. Guys like Tambellini, Gervais, Nielson, & Comeau are players the team will be looking at to fill several voids. This is their make or break seasons and it should be fun watching to see who can handle the pressure.

2. D-P - We all know Ricky's a good goalie. He's an #1 overall pick, first goalie ever selected that high, an All-Star, our Franchise Player. He's progressed nicely over the past several years and will be relied upon heavily this year. If he stay's healthy, this year we call Ricky an Elite goalie and Vezina nominee.

1. The Future of the OrganIzation - For good or ill, the future of the Isles starts this season. Once the coach is hired and final cuts are made we will see in what direction we are going. It's obvious the youth movement has begun and Snowy's following his "plan". Let's hope there was method to all this summers madness.

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